Remote media management


Digital signage is the future of retail. Businesses all over the world are adopting this technology to save money and get the benefits of delivering instant communications to their in-store customers. Traditional signage has the issues of printing, distribution, scheduling and installation that disappear with digital signage.

Fensterblick brings this technology to your business by making it affordable. With just a display and our hardware, you can deliver your communications to any number of real-world locations from wherever you are. Whether you are selling advertising space to third-parties or advertising your own products and specials, Fensterblick can do it all.


Fensterblick is a small hardware device that connects to any screen or projector and allows you remotely manage the media that displays on it using a simple scheduling website.

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You are in control no matter where you are. Simply log in to your user account and easily manage your media displays, monitor your screens and projectors to be sure they are working properly, and schedule playlists for your devices.

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Scheduling media has never been easier. Just set up your playlists, then choose when the media is played and on which devices or groups.

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Display your content in high definition. Fensterblick handles HD or fullHD video smoothly.

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Image management and scheduling is coming soon. Just like video, we will support common formats and make it easy to schedule images to display on your devices.

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We give you more control over the displays you use. Most projectors and some professional TVs offer reporting, which allows Fensterblick users to remotely control and monitor their displays through our software. You can turn on/off your display, adjust settings and monitor health; for instance, knowing that a projector bulb is about to burn out or that the TV is not turning on correctly and needs attention on-site.

  • RS232
  • Raw Network Socket Communication
  • HTTP and more

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Easily export reports about videos you have played. We can tell you how many times a video or playlist has played, when it played and on which displays.

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You can group multiple Fensterblick devices to manage playlists for multiple locations easily.

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Upload your media to your account, then create playlists with just a few clicks. We take care of distributing the correct media to your devices.

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